The Epitome Of Any Successful Brand is Content Marketing

If you were to take a look at that way businesses market themselves now compared to 10-15 years ago, you would notice a huge change in the style of advertisements. Traditionally, store employees and sales people were thought of as the experts of their field allowing brands and companies to simply inject money into their marketing efforts to find people who needed those services. Fast forward to 2016, and this is not the case anymore. With the internet being so readily available,  the buyer is now seen as the expert and is far more likely to research what companies they should be reaching out to.

According to Marketo, 81% of shoppers have researched online before setting foot in a store. Consumers are also said to spend an average of 79 days researching online before buying something. So, how do we market our services to a generation of people who are prone to researching so extensively? The answer is Content Marketing.

There is a lot of confusion around content marketing and what exactly it entails. In it’s simplest form, content marketing is seen as the offering of free content to attract and convert prospects into customers, and customers into loyal buyers. It’s understandable to see why content marketing has been praised as the holy grail of marketing for brands wanting to connect with their consumers. If 81% percent of people are researching before heading into a store and the average amount of time spent researching is 79 days, it only makes sense to offer content that is going to help customers in this phase of the buying decision.

Take Noel Leeming for example. Rather than telling people to come in and buy their latest Samsung 360 camera,  they promote videos showing people experiencing the camera in real life and the enjoyment that comes from that particular product. Content marketing is the savvy marketer’s response to the new, relationship-based, buyer-driven, digital marketplace. Rather than focusing on interrupting customers and exposing them to a product or service, content marketing is about employing a pull strategy, to attract customers by delivering information that is educational, entertaining, and engaging. It’s about being available to consumers when they are looking for you and usually, it is much more successful than traditional interruption based techniques.

Coca-Cola are another example of a brand that do Content Marketing well. When was the last time you saw one of their adverts on T.V telling you to buy their products? The answer is not in a very long time. All of their advertisements focus on people having a great time drinking Coke and enjoying themselves at beaches, pool parties and other summer scenes. They advertise a lifestyle rather than a product which has been the key to their dominance in the soft drink market.

So what can you take from this ? For one; content has a huge place in the marketing of your products and services. Consumers expect good information and are more inclined to be resistant to the so-called “hard sell.” Most of us research products and services online before making a purchase. We study different cars, comparing prices and features, before ever setting foot in a dealership. Even grocery shoppers use mobile phones to compare prices and deals. By offering this information, you are guiding your customers towards your products and services in a more subtle way.

Here at Creative Street Digital, we always recommend starting with your website as this is often the first time a customer will experience your brand. Having good content on your website is going to allow people to find your offerings through Google, but also encourage them to engage with your brand on a more personal level. It’s a way of conveying your brand’s personality and offerings without being overtly promotional, which can go a long way toward building brand trust among your audience.

Secondly; social media is key for companies looking to build a loyal brand following and it should be part of any company’s marketing strategy. It’s a great way to engage with your customers and it can even allow them to express what kind of content they are wanting to see. The final thing to note is that content marketing is a long term strategy and it requires an understanding of what it is that your consumers are wanting to engage with. If you can do this, you can keep your brand at the top of their minds and take comfort in the fact that they are likely to think of your service when they are in need of it the most.

If you have any tips or tricks around content marketing, we would love to hear them. Otherwise, If you want to take a look at yet another company with great content, check out GoPro’s youtube channel. Just don’t blame us if you feel like buying a GoPro after watching some of their videos