We are Creative Street Digital – a full-service digital agency that thinks, creates, and delivers immersive online solutions that span the web, mobile, and social channels. We are a team of creative strategists, driven by our passion for improving the way our clients reach and connect with their customers through branding, website design, and digital marketing.

To provide tailor-made solutions for small-to-medium enterprises and to grow their brands so that they stand out amongst their competitors in the digital landscape.

Our focus is to be on the leading edge of change in the digital landscape. Our passion to be forward-thinking will challenge us with new and innovative ways to provide online solutions that support our clients needs.

Our Motto

think BIG.

create BIG.

deliver BIG.

Every task we take on, whether in our personal lives or at work, challenges us to think about the big picture. No matter how big or small, we pour our hearts and souls into every project. While our mission and values define what we do and where we are going, our motto is a simple phrase that reminds us of the end goal. Together we will push each other to think beyond our normal capacity, create something memorable, and deliver on the promises we have made.

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Meet Our Directors

Karl and Shawn combine degrees in Marketing Management and Entrepreneurship with extensive industry and customer service experience. They have backgrounds working in digital agencies, as well as account management, arts & entertainment, professional recording arts, audio engineering, firearms, retail and electronics. They are well-versed on the ins and outs of a variety of disciplines related to online content management and are well-equipped to serve all clients as a full-service digital agency providing complete online solutions under one roof.

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Karl Tercel


Shawn O'Hara



We will set high performance expectations to deliver what is agreed upon, taking full ownership and responsibility for our actions and quality of our work and the results we achieve as a company.

creativity / innovation

We believe that advancement and improvement is driven by the needs of our users and the marketplace, and we will strive to construct creative and innovative solutions that evolve with our industry. It is our goal to make our clients stand out in their industry and to help them be the best-in-class at what they do.

customer focused

We will create value that forges lasting relationships with our clients, by listening to their needs and unburdening them of their pain points with tailor-made solutions. Our satisfaction will come from not only meeting our clients’ expectations, but exceeding them.

honesty / transparency

We believe our honesty and transparency will lead to realistic expectations and a greater overall satisfaction for all parties we interact with. Strong, positive relationships built on honesty will be a big part of what differentiates our company from most others in the industry, and we will take pride in sharing our beliefs, failures, strengths, and decisions.


Passion will drive us to pour our hearts and souls into every new venture, every day, because this is what we love to do. We will celebrate our company’s successes, and inspire others with our excellence and our tenacious attitude.


We will treat our clients and our work with 100% energy, conviction, and respect, behaving in a professional, courteous manner at all times. In turn, we will be known and respected for our strength and capability to deliver industry-leading performance in the markets that we serve.

social responsibility

We will be socially responsible by focusing on business decisions that not only benefit our company, but also the communities we operate with. This will be exemplified by our commitment to understanding and minimising the impacts of our operations on the environment.

Our values are the guiding principles of what we believe in as individuals and as a company